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How to Throw a Digital Book Party

Create a buzz around your book launch with the latest social networking tips and tools

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Table of Contents

  1. Highlights FREE!
  2. Getting Started with Your Digital Book Party (12:22) 12:22 FREE!
    What is a digital book party? Why should you promote your new release online? In this segment, you'll learn how to use social networking tools like Twitter to find and sustain your book's audience and host a great event, whether you're face-to-face or on the web.
  3. Keep the Digital Book Party Going (13:32) 13:32 FREE!
    In the second segment, you'll discover free websites and tools that will turn you into an instant online book marketing guru, including your own talk radio station, streaming video studio, and meeting-wrangler. Of course, you'll also learn more about promoting yourself through Facebook and Twitter. When you're through, you'll be ready to build a new audience - and throw a heck of a party.

Video Details

Book parties are great fun, but they can be expensive and have a limited reach. How can you create a thriving community around your new book without leaving your desk?

This crash course will show you how to use the latest social media tools to reach readers, press, and tastemakers while building an audience that will follow you throughout your publishing career. Laurel Touby,'s founder and expert community organizer, gives in-depth advice on how to find and seduce an audience, gain readership, and promote community around your book. We bet you'll have a blast - even without the free wine and cheese.

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26 minutes total running time

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