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Hyper-Local Journalism with Michael Myers of

Our exclusive interview with a hyper-local specialist

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  2. Michael Meyers on Hyper-Local Journalism (5:18) 5:18 FREE!
    In this Direct Access interview, Mediabistro asked Michael to share his thoughts on the present and future of local journalism. You'll also get Michael's personal advice on how aspiring reporters can get started online.

Video Details

Michael Meyers understands hyper-local. We ask him to discuss a variety of issues from blogging to credibility to the future of local television news, plus how to make money online. Michael E. Meyers, CTO, Clarity Digital Group, is an entrepreneur who has been involved in numerous successful (and some not so successful) technology startups across a wide range of industries. Most recently, Michael was the co-founder and CTO of, the first venture backed start-up based on Drupal, that pioneered the concept of Citizen Journalism. In September of 2009 was acquired by The Clarity Digital Group which owns and operates, a top 100 web site that provides local news and information for over 150 cities in North America. Michael is an adviser to the board of the Drupal Association, the non for profit organization that provides support and guidance for the Drupal project.

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