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Intro to Flash Catalyst

Create easy-to-assemble yet sophisticated animations.

1. Introduction (:45)

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction (:45) :45 FREE!
  2. Importing to Flash Catalyst (6:23) 6:23 FREE!
  3. Adding Interactivity (6:03) 6:03 FREE!
  4. Scroll Panels, Buttons, and Pages (9:03) 9:03 FREE!
  5. Coordinating Interactivity (8:23) 8:23 FREE!
  6. Importing Video and Publishing (5:30) 5:30 FREE!
  7. Conclusion (:47) :47 FREE!

Video Details

Create easy-to-assemble yet sophisticated animations. Adobe-certified instructor Alison Cattelona introduces Adobe Flash Catalyst, with which you can produce fully interactive Flash animation without knowing ActionScript. With Flash Catalyst's surprisingly simple and intuitive features, you'll learn how to make scrollbars, buttons, and rotating pages, as well as import video.

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Alison Cattelona
Alison Cattelona has been a computer instructor for the past 13 years teaching in 30 desktop applications. Her experience comes from a background in the graphic arts including paste-up/mechanicals, design and art direction. She took the solid production experience she gained having worked in a print shop to her art director/designer jobs within the advertising and marketing industries. The freelance work that followed rounded out her expertise in the many industries, applications and techniques that she uses today in her instruction. Alison founded and grew Mobile Mac & PC Training to be the highly successful, multi-platform, multi-application training company it is today. Alison holds ACE and ACI credentials with Adobe and is the co-chapter rep of the Central NJ InDesign User Group.