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Job Search 2.0

Take advantage of web-based resources as you make your next career move

1. Highlights

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights FREE!
  2. Introduction by David White (1:07) 1:07 FREE!
    A quick intro to Job Search 2.0
  3. Job Search on the Web Makes Your Life Easier (18:17) 18:17 FREE!
    David shows you how to use microtargeting strategies and RSS feeds to make the most of your time on online job boards. You'll also learn how to build a text-only resume, how to use the web to keep up with your industry, and how to use the web to keep track of your contacts and job applications.
  4. To Get a Job, Get an Online Life (12:35) 12:35 FREE!
    Your online identity can help enhance your desirability to potential employers. David shows you how to use online resume tools to your advantage, and explains how blogging is the most important step you can take to enhance your career prospects.
  5. Social Media Can Get You Hired (13:34) 13:34 FREE!
    You'll learn how to use social media tools like Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the industry and make connections with the right people. David will also explain how to create your own social network, and outline the best strategies for using your online connections to help you find a job.
  6. Conclusion by David White FREE!

Video Details


If you're not living online, you're looking for a job in all the wrong places! Let Mediabistro's job search experts show you the way to the next step in a great career.

Your online job search begins with job boards. Want ads have come a long way since the days of combing the classifieds with a highlighter: it's now easy to microtarget your search by using keywords and job boards that target specific industries. David White shows you how.

Success begins with you, and it's more important than ever to make sure that your online identity is polished and up-to-date. We'll show you the best tools around for posting your clips and crafting your web presence. David will also tell you the one thing you can start doing right now to make yourself more desirable to employers.

You'll also learn how to use social media tools like Facebook and Twitter to keep up with your industry and make connections with the people you need to know.

So get online, get connected, and get a new job!

David White writes for Mediabistro On Demand and keeps abreast of politics and culture on his blog, The Daily Squid. David is also the producer of The Bridge, a weekly television series on the history of hip hop in New York City, as well as the upcoming series, Press Play, a showcase of independent filmmaking in New York City.


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