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Marketing: It's a Two-Way Conversation

Our marketing experts at Mediabistro's UGCX conference explain how they made their products go viral, with powerful results.

1. Highlights (1:56)

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights (1:56) 1:56 FREE!
  2. The Buzz on BuzzFeed (9:42) 9:42 FREE!
    Jessica begins by explaining BuzzFeed, a viral distribution platform, and why it is so powerful. Consumers have the power. She explains the mullet strategy: "business in the front, party in the back," then talks about how she tried to help "Hot Pockets" campaigns go viral. BuzzFeed's secret: Contagious ideas plus real-time optimization.
  3. 13 on Broadway (11:37) 11:37 FREE!
    Ken begins by explaining that Broadway is probably 10 years behind the rest of the world in terms of internet marketing. He describes "13," a Broadway musical that presented a number of marketing challenges. He found that social media was the key to getting the "nagging tween" demographic; fans were able to interact with the cast, which made the difference for the campaign.
  4. Mustang Love, Online (12:16) 12:16 FREE!
    Dan talks about his experience working in a digital agency, and a campaign for the 2010 Ford Mustang. Mustang owners are deeply engaged with their cars, and the Community Customizer was a natural fit for this user group. People share content when they feel an emotional connection; marketers need to give their loyal base good tools to help them engage others.
  5. Questions and Answers, Part 1 (12:53) 12:53 FREE!
    Questions from the audience: How do you convert user-generated content into money? To Ken: why did you choose to start your social network? Do bigger traffic numbers always mean higher conversions? How does BuzzFeed go after its core demographics? Are people turned off by branded content?
  6. Questions and Answers, Part 2 (11:43) 11:43 FREE!
    More questions: To Ken: how did you manage and build your ning network and its users? For Jessica: What metrics is BuzzFeed using to optimize their stories? For Dan: Was the Customizer printable so users could bring it to a store? For Jessica: How do you determine if a piece of content might be potentially viral?

Video Details

Learn how marketing campaigns that engage customers can drive powerful results, reposition brands, and provide valuable customer insight data. Our panel shares examples on how social media and viral campaigns are being used to market everything from convenience foods to teen-focused Broadway shows to Ford Mustangs. The panel features Jessica Amazon, Viral Media Editor,; Ken Davenport, Renowned Broadway producer; and Dan Lacivita, SVP/Executive Director at Firstborn Multimedia, and creator of the new Ford Mustang campaign.

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