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Media Life Skills: Tame Your In-Box

Liberate your work life with these email management strategies

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  2. Media Life Skills: Tame Your In-Box (10:00) 10:00 FREE!
    First you'll learn how to get started on your way to a clean, clear inbox. Next you'll learn how to plan your day so that email doesn't eat up all of your time. We'll talk through tactics for organizing, sorting and answering email. Then we'll teach you the best sources for helpful tips and hacks for email.

Video Details

How do you feel about your inbox? Stressed out? Guilty? Overwhelmed?

In the media, we live on information. But how do we keep from drowning in our own communications?

In this quick course, you'll learn key strategies like:

  • How to make the first big email purge
  • How to schedule your email time
  • When email is not the best app for the job
  • How to process and sort email messages
  • How to use cool hacks to make email easier and more fun
Soon you'll be on your way to a stress-free inbox.

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