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Mediabistro Career Circus: Your Evolving Career: A Work in Progress

Meet experts who help people change their lives by building new careers and starting their own businesses

1. Highlights

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights FREE!
  2. Getting Started as an Entrepreneur (20:49) 20:49 FREE!
    The panelists introduce themselves and describe their entrepreneurial projects. Each panelist provides insight into how they started their business.
  3. Secrets of Starting a Successful Business (20:29) 20:29 FREE!
    Learn one simple trick to starting your business off right. You're not unemployed: you're incorporated! Are salaried corporate jobs on their way out? Is a recession the perfect time to start a company? How do you brand yourself by your skillset instead of your job title?
  4. Questions and Answers (16:22) 16:22 FREE!
    The panel takes questions from the audience: What do you do when you're stuck in your job? Should I go back to school? What happens when it's hard to get paid as a consultant? How do I handle having several different ideas at the same time? If you had one piece of advice, what would it be?

Video Details

This panel, moderated by Manoush Zomorodi, features Stella Grizont and Karla Lightfoot (NY/NJ Area Leaders, Ladies Who Launch), Jen Groover ( and Scott Wayne (Principal, The Frontier Project.)

Whether you have worked at the same company for years, are going through a career transition, are freelance or unemployed, your career continues to evolve. This session looks at how to define the career you want, and point yourself in the right direction to find success.

3 videos
58 minutes


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