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Mediabistro Circus: From Gutenberg to MovableType: Publishing's Next Edition

What's next for content? Learn what writers need to know right now about the future of publishing.

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Table of Contents

  1. Highlights FREE!
  2. Measuring Success Online (14:49) 14:49 FREE!
    Dan Costa begins by talking about PCMag's transition to digital-only, then introduces the panel and asks them, "How do I keep my job?" and asks about how the rate-per-word metric and how it applies to the digital world. Panelists talk about how success is measured online. Eileen explains how creates books on demand.
  3. Blogs, Mobile Content, and Making Money (17:49) 17:49 FREE!
    Dan asks: do bloggers make good book authors? Eileen tells some stories about blog to book projects. Anil talks about how content creators can take control of how and where their work appears. Dan asks Rob to address the question of how we can charge for content: how did it work with TimesSelect? Can blogs charge for premium content? Rob describes how TimesReader works, and the panel discusses models for mobile content.
  4. Advice for Now and the Future (17:05) 17:05 FREE!
    Writers need to work in more than one medium, and it's crucial to be online. Eileen shares her thoughts. The new way to think about it: What does success mean to you? Anil says: you can do a book tour, but you can’t do a blog tour, at least not yet. What if you're a journalist and not a marketer? Some small publishers are looking at crowdfunding right now: the panel talks about the implications. What advice would you give a new grad going into publishing?
  5. Questions and Answers (10:23) 10:23 FREE!
    The panel takes questions from the audience. Why do newspapers seem embarrassed to charge for content? What about subscription models? How do the economics of charging for content work? What's the future of the visual and design aspects of online content? What about publishing models for Amazon?

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What does it mean when books are no longer printed, but are distributed as software, and magazines kill print editions in favor of online-only content? Journalists are considered brands, and consumers can get content any way they want it: via eReader, iPhone app, or print on demand. What can writers and editors, marketing execs, and anyone associated with publishing do to stay relevant, and where is it all headed? executive editor Dan Costa sits down with Eileen Gittins, the visionary CEO of, and Anil Dash, of groundbreaking software company Six Apart, and Rob Samuels from the New York Times, to talk about open source publishing, the future of books, magazines, newspapers, blogging, and the distribution and consumption of content.


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