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Mediabistro Circus: New World Intimacy-- Social Media and Twitter

Deep engagement with readers is the new model for media success, says John A. Byrne of BusinessWeek.

1. Highlights (2:05)

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights (2:05) 2:05 FREE!
  2. Building New Models for Media (9:50) 9:50 FREE!
    John begins by running through what he calls the "five stages of decline" and how they relate to what's going on with the media right now. What will the new model be? Deep and intimate engagement with readership. John runs through the crucial steps that can help your company engage its readers and customers.
  3. Blogs, Twitter, and Comments (8:43) 8:43 FREE!
    John describes their blog "What's Your Story Idea?" and how it helps generate ideas and engage readers, and goes on to explain BusinessWeek's use of Twitter to get ideas, report, and get conversation going around a story. Comments can get as much traffic as the stories themselves.
  4. Business Models for Media (12:06) 12:06 FREE!
    John describes "The Business Exchange," a project that uses aggregation in a mashup with social media to give power to the community. The product is unique, has a specialized topic, and allows advertisers to microtarget - and that's why ads have sold out. He discusses present and future business models for journalism, and how user engagement will make a difference for those models.

Video Details

John A. Byrne
Executive Editor/Editor-in-Chief,

BusinessWeek is one of the strongest media brands on Twitter, and they have implemented digital initiatives across the company to maximize opportunities online. Led by John A. Byrne, BW has found a way to engage and collaborate with readers and invite them into the newsroom.


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