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Mediabistro Circus: Publishing: From Print to Digital

Because now magazine publishing also means producing user-generated content, video, podcasts, and blogs

2. Highlights

Table of Contents

  1. Crib Sheet (PDF) PDF
    Download this outline and use it to take notes. Includes resources and other information.
  2. Highlights FREE!
  3. Jim Daly, Edutopia (17:48) 17:48 FREE!
    How do you successfully integrate print and digital publications? Edutopia brings together great content and resources to further its cause. How do you differentiate between your own content and what your users are providing?
  4. Paul Cloutier, 8020 Publishing (16:52) 16:52 FREE!
    A community needs a reason to congregate--it’s not “just there”. Driving forces of online communities include optimization, rewards, and social gains. Think of the members of your community as more than “users” that create "content."
  5. Paul Rossi, The Economist (15:51) 15:51 FREE!
    What are the best ways to engage an audience? What are your readers’ expectations? If online content is free, how do you make money online?
  6. Q & A, Part 1 (13:35) 13:35 FREE!
    Why is blogging not the best model for The Economist? Does your online audience reflect your print readership? How do you reach people with older computers or don’t have broadband Internet access? Do you do anything proactively to attract new users? What tools do you offer your users?
  7. Q & A, Part 2 (8:41) 8:41 FREE!
    What technologies and stat packages are you using to get to know your audience? How is advertising/marketing affected by the print/digital integration?

Video Details

This Mediabistro Circus panel addresses the exciting and challenging transformation of the publishing industry as it continues to explore online opportunities.

At Edutopia, a print and digital publication of the The George Lucas Educational Foundation, Jim Daly creates a rich multimedia resource. Paul Cloutier is successfully swimming against the current by creating new print publications entirely from community submissions.

The Economist, like everyone else, is trying to figure out how to put content online and make money. Publisher Paul Rossi tells us how they’re doing it.

5 videos
1 hour, 11 minutes total running time

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