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Mediabistro Circus: Strange Bedfellows: The New [Media] Deal

Media brands are facing a challenging economy by getting creative with their deals. Our panel explains how

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Table of Contents

  1. Highlights FREE!
  2. What's Your Deal? (17:15) 17:15 FREE!
    Rebecca begins by asking each panelist to describe their most recent media deal. Michael Silberman speaks about the purchase of Steve Rosenbaum describes how works with large and small partners. Chuck Cordray speaks about the history of, a new site. Tom Smith describes the acquisition of Ellen Stone talks about The Fashion Show and the media partnership with Harper's Bazaar as well as an e-commerce project linked with the show. Rebecca asks: How do deals like these get started?
  3. Types of Deals (12:26) 12:26 FREE!
    Rebecca begins by asking the panelists to explain more about the goals they want to accomplish. How does revenue split in various types of deals? Panelists describe examples of content sharing, and acquisitions. How does co-branded content work? Ellen describes how Bravo handles co-branding with wine, magazines, and other product types. What effect is the soft economy having on the deal-making process? The panelists talk about the positive and negative consequences.
  4. Due Diligence and the Review Process (14:16) 14:16 FREE!
    The panel continues on the topic of how new media deals are made in the current economy. There are more opportunities and more start-ups, so due diligence has to be much more rigorous, the panelists say. Rebecca asks: how do you go about getting buy-in for a deal within your company? Panelists describe how it has worked with different deals. What's the deal you're watching with the greatest interest right now?
  5. Questions and Answers (17:16) 17:16 FREE!
    The panel addressed questions from the audience: Can you talk about aggregated and curated content and micropayments, especially with regard to the iPhone app store? Has the elimination of certain print magazines been influenced by online markets? What's up with the Bravo, Your Brand advertising campaign? When you develop new shows, are you also developing web and mobile media? What will be the role of e-commerce in media moving forward? How do podcasts and satellite radio fit into the future?

Video Details

In order to survive, well-known media brands are forging integrated marketing partnerships and multiplatform deals to extend their reach in new ways, and distribute content across platforms. Rebecca L. Fox, managing editor of, sits down with key media executives to discuss the innovative partnerships and deals that are currently making headlines.

The discussion is led by Rebecca Fox (Managing Editor, and includes Chuck Cordray (Senior VP and General Manager, Digital Media, Hearst Magazines), Steve Rosenbaum (CEO,, Michael Silberman(General Manager,, Tom Smith (Senior Director, Digital Media/IT, Hearst Magazines) and

Ellen Stone (SVP Marketing, Bravo Media).


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