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NPR President and CEO Vivian Schiller: A New Strategy for a Media Powerhouse

The most important talk you'll hear this year. Vivian Schiller, President and CEO of NPR, shares her thoughts on new initiatives.

1. Highlights (1:48)

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights (1:48) 1:48 FREE!
  2. The Bad and Good News about Media (15:36) 15:36 FREE!
    Vivian begins with the bad part: there's never been such a chaotic time in media. People trust news less than ever, papers are dying, and the media is in dire straits. It's also an exciting time, though; we'll look back at 2009 as the year everything changed. She debunks many of the current myths floating around. Journalism isn't in crisis; the business model of journalism is in crisis.
  3. What's NPR Doing Right? (10:02) 10:02 FREE!
    Public radio replies on user support, but it also has a diversified model that includes underwriting, sponsorship and philanthropic support. Social media may help make pledge drives less intrusive. The combination of a powerful global news organization and local reach through individual stations is what makes NPR so strong. Vivian's organization is working on a public digital media platform which will be a game-changer for media and for users.
  4. Questions and Answers, Part 1 (10:38) 10:38 FREE!
    Question: NPR has gotten a multimedia facelift recently. Vivian addresses how their website has become a destination, rather than just an addendum for the radio programs. The NPR iPhone app has also been a big success. How does user-generated content play into NPR's plans for the future? StoryCorps is one example. How do partnerships affect the "purity" of the NPR brand?
  5. Questions and Answers, Part 2 (9:49) 9:49 FREE!
    What's the division between member stations and the greater organization? Vivian says: We exist to serve the local member stations. Keep trying stuff, and don't be afraid to fail, she says. From the audience: What's come out of your API so far? Can you tell us about your career path? How will Radio over IP in cars change radio programming and business?
  6. Questions and Answers, Part 3 (7:41) 7:41 FREE!
    In terms of user-generated content on NPR's site, do you mine comments for story ideas? How do visuals and video enter into your plans for NPR's web presence? What do you think of Rocky Mountain News' project to train journalists? What came out of your recent R&D "think-in"?

Video Details

Building a hyperlocal presence, forging key partnerships, and overseeing funding for a non profit media company in the current economy: these are just some of the challenges Vivian Schiller faced when she became President and CEO of NPR in 2008. In this keynote, you'll hear about the initiatives she's leading to bring this traditional media powerhouse into the new media world.

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