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Pitch Slam 1-on-1: Ladies' Home Journal

Writers looking for a big audience pitch Ladies Home Journal editor-in-chief Diane Salvatore

2. What the Editor Wants (15:34)

Table of Contents

  1. Crib Sheet (PDF) PDF
    Download this outline and use it to take notes. Includes resources and other information.
  2. What the Editor Wants (15:34) 15:34 FREE!
    LHJ editor-in-chief Salvatore describes the magazine, and what she wants from freelance writers.
  3. Nancy Brandwein: A Bravo for What We Know (4:55) 4:55 FREE!
    Writer Brandwein tries to sell Salvatore an article that is a celebration of the "mommy knowledge" that mothers accrue day-to-day.
  4. Pamela Sefrino: Views on Vasectomy: Why Selecting to Snip Can Be So Difficult (4:19) 4:19 FREE!
    Sefrino pitches a story idea with personal anecdotes and experiences.
  5. Robin Regensburg: Beyond Book Groups (4:22) 4:22 FREE!
    Regensburg tells Salvatore that women who are balancing careers, children, relationships, home, and fitness, need to come together in groups to support one another, and that the quantity and types of groups are expanding.
  6. Jonathan Bender: Family Business (4:23) 4:23 FREE!
    Bender proposes a story about family businesses and striking a work/ life balance. Salvatore says it's a perfect idea, but there's one catch.
  7. Conclusion: Editor-in-chief Diane Salvatore (3:58) 3:58 FREE!
    Salvatore explains what she thought of the writers' pitches, whether she's likely to buy any of them, and why.

Video Details

Four writers try to sell Ladies Home Journal editor-in-chief Diane Salvatore story ideas for the modern version of a venerable magazine.

Ladies' Home Journal may be 124 years old, but Salvatore is determined to keep it modern. Under her leadership, the magazine -- read by nearly one in seven American women -- debuted a new style and new editorial structure. The new LHJ ditches the traditional front-of-book, feature well, back-of-book format in favor of seven distinct sections, most of which consist of one or two FOB-style gazette pages and a handful of medium-length stories (1,000 to 2,000 words). That means there are more opportunities for freelancers to write longer pieces from the start.

Watch Diane describe what LHJ is looking for, field the writers' pitches, and sum up her take on them. Which ones do you think will make the cut? Would yours?

6 videos
36 minutes total running time

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