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Produce Your Own Internet Series

Have an idea for a TV show but don't have the budget or the connections to get it made? Web sitcom producer Thom Woodley shows how you can make an online show that gets noticed.

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Table of Contents

  1. Highlights FREE!
  2. How Thom Started Out (11:35) 11:35 FREE!
    "The Burg" started with an idea for a TV pilot and turned into a successful internet series. Using short teaser videos on YouTube, Thom built press for his show before it even launched. It's possible to do a successful shoot with no budget, and Thom tells you how he did it. Hint: a combination of no sleep and lots of friends makes a difference.
  3. What Does Hollywood Want? (12:43) 12:43 FREE!
    Thanks to Thom's early press, Hollywood quickly came calling. In this segment, you'll hear about how Michael Eisner picked up The All-For-Nots, and how it changed Thom's initial plans for a gritty rockumentary into a professional HD production.
  4. Prove Your Concept (20:45) 20:45 FREE!
    In order to get investors and advertisers, you'll need a proof of concept. How to start? Make an episode! Thom talks about some of the challenges of internet video, including cost and space, touching on Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along blog and his own new series All's Faire. Thom also discusses some of the financials, including CPM pricing, product placement and working with content bundlers to monetize a project.
  5. Indie Internet vs. Hollywood (21:03) 21:03 FREE!
    Hollywood wants in on internet video. What happens as big stars enter the market? How do independent content producers compete? How does the "production triangle" of cheap/fast/good affect internet production? How do you promote your own internet series? How can your audience help? Thom has the answers.

Video Details


Thom Woodley's web sitcom, The Burg, was one of the first and most critically acclaimed webcoms. In an interview with's Carmen Scheidel, the Brooklyn-based filmmaker discusses how he turned his idea for a TV pilot into a successful online series (with zero budget!). He'll tell you what to do to create and promote your series and how to get the attention of investors, advertisers, and Hollywood.


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