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Producing Online Entertainment Content

Content creators and business people come together to discuss the present and future of online video

1. Highlights (2:41)

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights (2:41) 2:41 FREE!
  2. Bringing Video to the Web (15:53) 15:53 FREE!
    Heather Gold begins by explaining how her experience in film and technology helped bring her show to the web. She also shares "what not to do" with video on the web. Adam talks about making video for Colin talks about his successes and the game plan for
  3. Measuring Success (15:57) 15:57 FREE!
    How do you measure success with video on the web? How do you set goals for traffic, revenue, and satisfaction? Dina introduces and explains how it works, and Diane describes the distributed model of Next New Networks. Paul says: don't start an online video project unless it's a labor of love, and explains why.
  4. Where's the Growth? (16:18) 16:18 FREE!
    What are the growth areas for online video? Find out what people are watching, and who is paying for it. The panel names shows that have worked well for niche audiences. How about scripted vs. not scripted? How will programs like Comcast's TV Everywhere impact web video?
  5. Live in Your Living Room (7:24) 7:24 FREE!
    The idea of the level playing field is here now, Dina says. What about live streamed content? Does it only work for sports and news? The panel talks about the competition among TV-top sets and gaming companies and how it'll affect the future of content.
  6. Questions and Answers, Part 1 (15:02) 15:02 FREE!
    Diane and Paul talks about how a show is developed, based on content quality and advertiser interest, and how it's then distributed for maximum benefit. You need to work the social networks, press outreach, and syndication too - you don't just "flip the marketing switch." Building a brand makes a difference.
  7. Questions and Answers, Part 2 (11:07) 11:07 FREE!
    What's the future of content ownership? There's a transfer of power to the content creators. What's the incentive for creating original programming for the web for companies like What are the top 6 characteristics for an online video?

Video Details

With the rise of web video and online entertainment, is small the new big?

This panel discussion focuses on the growing business of the digital studio, the tools you need to produce for new media, and how to develop programming to attract ad dollars and syndicate across media platforms.

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