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Scaling Social Analytics: Social Developer Summit

Developers are swimming in data. What do they do with it?

1. Highlights From Jodee Rich (:55)

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights From Jodee Rich (:55) :55 FREE!
  2. Highlights From Pete Warden (:55) :55 FREE!
  3. Highlights From Poornima Vijayashanker (1:12) 1:12 FREE!
  4. Jodee Rich Part 1 (8:29) 8:29 FREE!
  5. Jodee Rich Part 2 (8:02) 8:02 FREE!
  6. Pete Warden (5:35) 5:35 FREE!
  7. Poornima Vijayashanker Part 1 (2:54) 2:54 FREE!
  8. Poornima Vijayashanker Part 2 (8:02) 8:02 FREE!
  9. Scaling Social Analytics Q&A Part 1 (8:51) 8:51 FREE!
  10. Scaling Social Analytics Q&A Part 2 (7:20) 7:20 FREE!

Video Details

With the dramatic increase in data accessible through public APIs on sites like Twitter and Facebook, developers are swimming in a sea of personal data. This data is being used by marketers and research labs to learn new information about consumer and human behavior. Organizing this information in a way that's educational is challenging in itself but scaling this information is even more challenging. Learn from some of the leading data analytics experts to hear what technical strategies they are implementing and how they are choosing to make sense of this information.

Featuring: How To Get Sued By Facebook by PETE WARDEN, Founder, Mailana Inc.; How the Meta Cloud is Changing Development, JODEE RICH, CEO, PeopleBrowsr; and From Small Datasets to Scale: Planning for the Evolution of Data, POORNIMA VIJAYASHANKER, Founder and CEO,

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