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Social Media Essentials for PR

Leaders in the world of public relations discuss recent social media efforts, and talk through some of the challenges and successes that surround community engagement.

1. Highlights

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights FREE!
  2. PR and Social Media: A Natural Fit? (11:29) 11:29 FREE!
    Joe Ciarallo asks the group: where should PR pros be looking in social media right now? Topics include how to help companies identify the cool stuff they have in their organizations and leverage it on the web, and how conversation is a PR strength that is a perfect fit for social media.
  3. Social Media Storms: What's Really Going On? (7:32) 7:32 FREE!
    When campaigns like "Motrin moms" and a recent Skittles ad blow up, the twitterati go crazy. But do these events really affect consumers or is the media just talking to itself?
  4. Trust, Corporate Communication, and The Brand (12:53) 12:53 FREE!
    How does trust work with social networking? How has the formality of corporate communication changed? How are "word of mouth" agencies and more traditional firms handling social media?
  5. How do Journalists and PR Work Together? (9:33) 9:33 FREE!
    How are journalists using social media to access company info? How much do you trust top twitterers? The panel discusses using the web and email for damage control when false rumors fly.
  6. Blogging, Metrics, and Measurement (10:20) 10:20 FREE!
    What do you look for when hiring or promoting for PR these days? Hint: just being a passive user won't cut it. The desire and ability to tell a story makes a difference. The ability to interpret metrics and map them to solutions is also key. How are blogger engagement campaigns working?
  7. Q & A: What's Hot Right Now? (12:53) 12:53 FREE!
    The panel answers questions from the audience. Who are the must-follow tweeters right now? What blogs or newsletters are important? What's the perception difference between Twitter and RSS feeds? What are some successful web-based community campaigns? David Binkowski discusses his Fruity Cheerios campaign.
  8. Q & A: What Can We Do For Our Clients? (13:03) 13:03 FREE!
    How can professional services benefit from social media? Colin explains how experts can projecting thought leadership and how Tumblr has worked for one of his clients. David uses the example of Western Union as a service provider who has used community as a promotional tool. Jason points out that text is still the most powerful tool on the web, and how experts can take advantage of that. What are the current best-of-breed social media campaigns?

Video Details

It's called public relations because it's about relationships. That's why PR mavens have jumped on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and anything else that helps them connect directly with audiences.
But new media means new questions. As the industry shifts from pumping out pitches to engaging communities, has the notion of "delivering a message" become obsolete?
This panel tackles the challenges and opportunities at the crossroads of PR and social media. Topics on the table :

  • Metrics that matter
  • Engagement, velocity, and influence
  • Tools for measuring success across platforms
  • The evolution of the social media press release
  • How to make friends with bloggers
  • Creating communities and conversation

7 videos
1 hour, 43 minutes total running time

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