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Starting a Successful Business with HARO's Peter Shankman

Our exclusive interview with a PR and business pro

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Table of Contents

  1. Highlights (1:10) 1:10 FREE!
  2. Peter Shankman on Starting a Successful Business (5:56) 5:56 FREE!
    In this Direct Access interview, Mediabistro asked Peter to share his thoughts on how to work with people, how to get good feedback, and how to thrive as an entrepreneur. You'll also get Peter's personal advice on how (and whether!) to start a new business.

Video Details

Peter Shankman understands networking, and how to start a business. We ask him to share his secrets about entrepreneurship, finding the right people, and getting honest feedback. PR Week Magazine has described Peter as "redefining the art of networking," and Investor's Business Daily has called him "crazy, but effective." Peter Shankman is a spectacular example of what happens when you harness the power of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and make it work to your advantage. An entrepreneur, author, speaker, and worldwide connector, Peter is recognized worldwide for radically new ways of thinking about Social Media, PR, marketing, advertising, creativity, and customer service. Peter is perhaps best known for founding Help A Reporter Out, (HARO) which in under a year has become the de-facto standard for thousands of journalists looking for sources on deadline, offering them more than 100,000 sources around the world looking to be quoted in the media. HARO is currently the largest free source repository in the world, sending out over 1,200 queries from worldwide media each week. HARO's tagline, "Everyone is an Expert at Something," proves over and over again to be true, as thousands of new members join at each week.

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