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TVNewser Summit: The Digital Network

Television news has burst out of the box. We talk about how networks are leveraging the rise of internet and mobile news.

1. Highlights

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights FREE!
  2. What's Up at the Networks? (12:42) 12:42 FREE!
    Each panelist describes the new digital products and current projects from his company, including web-only programming, new types of video distribution, and mobile initiatives. Joel brings up the topic of TV ratings and how complementary digital projects can add to viewership, and goes on to question panelists about how success is measured in different platforms.
  3. The Right Content, The Right Platform (17:42) 17:42 FREE!
    What are the challenges of translating content from one platform to another? It's important to know your consumers when you're building for a new medium. Will the internet take over television? What can television learn from the problems that newspapers are currently facing? What are the revenue-generating possibilities of new media? How do social networks fit in, and how can their impact be measured? What is the place of citizen journalism and user-generated content in the future of television?
  4. Where Do We Go From Here? (7:57) 7:57 FREE!
    Joel poses a question: what can people do to make themselves marketable in a changing new media marketplace? The panelists agree that the most successful candidates can multitask: edit, write, shoot, and produce. How do you figure out what your viewers are looking for? Networks are using the data, but they're also going with their instincts and listening to people directly.
  5. Answers to Key Questions (22:17) 22:17 FREE!
    Joel takes questions from the audience. How will television and new media make money going forward? How do ad-supported programming and subscription models look now and in the future? What's the appropriate length of web-based content? Is programming moving more toward on demand or programmed "appointment" models? How can the news compete with entertainment content? How do you break into digital journalism, and how do people who have been in television learn new media skills?

Video Details

In this discussion at the TVNewser Summit, panelists debate the strategies for expanding a traditional broadcast network into a digital network, and take a look at new models for monetization.

This TVNewser Summit panel, moderated by Joel Schwartzberg (NOW on PBS), features Jeff Misenti (Fox News Digital), Paul Slavin (ABC News Digital), Dan Farber (;, and Jonathan Shar (

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