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TVNewser Summit: The Morning Joe Team

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski discuss the impact of new media on politics and news.

1. Highlights

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights FREE!
  2. The Presidential Campaign and New Media (13:18) 13:18 FREE!
    Jon begins by asking the team: The Obama campaign used social networking to raise money, then used it to buy airtime on major broadcast networks. Are we overstating the degree to which new media has changed the game? How did the other candidates use the internet to raise money and convert voters? How will the Obama White House interact with the press as the administration matures?
  3. New Media and Old Politics (17:35) 17:35 FREE!
    Are there old-guard politicians who are vulnerable to losing some of their status by not getting into the social media fray? How about political parties? Joe posits that independents will be more likely to succeed because of the power of the internet. The panel discusses the phenomenon of Obama's internet ground game and how it succeeded.
  4. TV News in Real Time (13:16) 13:16 FREE!
    Campaigns are communicating more directly with engaged voters. What did that mean for political journalism in the '08 election? How does real-time reporting affect shows like Morning Joe? Jon goes for the throat and asks Mika: are you underplaying or overplaying your exasperation with Joe? The two discuss how their show works, and how they work together. Pat Buchanan's new celebrity, the narcissism of Twitter, and other fun topics come up in the discussion.
  5. How's the New Adminstration Doing? (6:15) 6:15 FREE!
    So we're into the new administration: what are the biggest surprise and the biggest disappointment? Thoughts about the economic stimulus plan, relations with Republicans, the potential Republican ticket in 2012, and other topics are discussed.
  6. Q & A, Part 1 (10:55) 10:55 FREE!
    The panel takes questions from the audience: Whose idea was it to park you guys in front of the White House when it was 6 degrees out? What's up with the sexual tension between Joe and Mika? What do your spouses think of your on-air relationship? What should the torch issue be for the Republican party in 2012? How do you balance your lives and how do you get perspective?
  7. Q & A, Part 2 (10:27) 10:27 FREE!
    Is it time for the Republican party to get out of people's lives? Joe talks social issues and personal beliefs. To the Morning Joe folks: Are you seeing your audience change? If so, why? How did your show develop its voice? How do you gauge success? Will political campaigns continue to be absurdly expensive? How will TV and internet impact this?

Video Details

In this discussion at the TVNewser Summit, The Morning Joe Team of Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are interviewed by Jon Fine of BusinessWeek.

Topics from the 2008 presidential election and the use of social media by Obama's campaign to the future of the Republican party, the success of the new administration, and the future of politics are discussed, with plenty of commentary and questions from the audience.

The durable and dynamic pairing of Joe and Mika brings controversy and life to their show, and the added element of Jon Fine's incisive queries provides the extra spark that makes this panel fun and fractious.


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