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The 20-Minute Screenwriter, Part 2

A crash course with D.B. Gilles and Katherine Wessling

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Table of Contents

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    1. Dialogue Dialogue is often a problem for new screenwriters. How do you get comfortable with writing dialogue? What makes your dialogue interesting and believable? Figure out who your characters are before you decide what words they are going to speak. 2. Major Dramatic Question What's the driving force behind your story idea? Above all, your audience needs a reason to stay interested in your story and care about what happens to your characters. What is going to intrigue the viewer to keep watching? 3. Character Arc This is the main character's journey. What is your character going to discover along the way? How is his/her personality going to transform? What circumstances occur that make this change possible? How is your main character different at the end of the screenplay than he/she was at the beginning? 4. Passion It's imperative to have an idea for a screenplay that you love and are passionate about. Your passion should fuel you to stay motivated. Why is it important to still stay passionate about your idea even after you've finished your first draft? 5. Reading Other Screenplays Getting familiar with the screenplays of films that you've always loved will help refine your writing skills. The more you read, the more tips and techniques you will discover to write your own stellar screenplay. 6. Closing Once you find an idea that you are passionate about, do whatever it takes to complete the first draft of your screenplay. You'll need this passion to get through revising and writing future drafts.

Video Details

Stop thinking about your idea for a screenplay, and start writing! Meet an expert who knows what it takes to get your screenplay down on paper.

What preparations do you need to make before you begin writing? How many acts should the screenplay have? How many pages should each act be? What will make your screenplay stand out? How long will this process take?


• D.B. Gilles, author of The Screenwriter Within and The Portable Film School
• Katherine Wessling, actress and instructor

A detailed crib sheet tracks all the terms and sources mentioned in the video.

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29 minutes total running time

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