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The Future of Design

A panel discussion on what's driving change in the design industry today

2. Highlights from the Panel

Table of Contents

  1. Crib Sheet (PDF) PDF
    Download this outline and use it to take notes. Includes resources and other information.
  2. Highlights from the Panel FREE!
  3. Chee Pearlman and Etienne Fang (10:06) 10:06 FREE!'s Carmen Scheidel introduces the panelists. Pearlman shares her thoughts on the future of design. Fang describes her work as strategic director at Cheskin.
  4. Rie Norregaard (6:27) 6:27 FREE!
    Norregaard explains the problems she and her company are solving by using multiple innovative techniques, such as Frog Think, which "keeps designers and clients on the same playing field," and collaborations with Sweat Equity Enterprises Group, an organization of teenagers that contribute to client work.
  5. Elizabeth Pastor (6:44) 6:44 FREE!
    Pastor describes how her company "transfers knowledge of the things they do" through three labs: Strategy, Understanding, and Innovation.
  6. Leslie Wellott (6:09) 6:09 FREE!
    Wellott explains the two sides of the Insight division of Imagination: 1) ask guiding questions and "use media design and technology to shape and reinforce perceptions through experiences," and 2) establish programs where two especially different people are paired up to present specific findings."
  7. Panelists Discuss Changing Roles (12:22) 12:22 FREE!
    The panelists discuss the changing roles of designers and clients.
  8. Panelists Discuss Design Education for Clients and Designers (15:40) 15:40 FREE!
    Pearlman asks the panelists to consider how designers are educating clients and themselves.
  9. Audience Questions Part 1: Jobs, Craft, and Design Education (18:48) 18:48 FREE!
    "Is education preparing young designers for the future of design?" "What skills are designers looking for in a new employee?" "What are some questions to ask during a job interview?" "As a mentor, how can I institute green and sustainable design ideas in grade school and high school?" "Where is the craft? Why aren't designers learning the craft or the making?"
  10. Audience Questions Part 2: Gender, Space, and Research (9:51) 9:51 FREE!
    "Is the gender balance in design changing?" "Do you foresee a future where offices will not be needed?" "Do you think a project can still be successful without a longer research project, like the ethnography?" "Are there more opportunities for designers?"

Video Details

Design is no longer an afterthought, something businesses slap on finished products to make them look pretty as they send them out the door. Design has infiltrated the production process, informing decisions large and small. This panel discusses the challenges and opportunities of these expanding markets. Using examples from their own work, panelists discuss the challenges their firms are facing, and the new tools, techniques, and resources they are using to meet them.

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1 hour, 24 minutes total running time

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