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The Future of Photojournalism in a Digital World

A panel discussion about what's next for photographers, photo editors, and designers

2. Highlights from the Panel

Table of Contents

  1. Crib Sheet (PDF) PDF
    Download this outline and use it to take notes. Includes resources and other information.
  2. Highlights from the Panel FREE!
  3. John Smock, Jonathan Wells (11:33) 11:33 FREE!
    After opening remarks by moderator John Smock, Sipa Press's Jonathan Wells describes the niche photo agencies fill: "It's an exciting time because more photographers are being used today than ever before."
  4. Mario Tama (7:52) 7:52 FREE!
    Getty photographer Mario Tama shows his work from New Orleans, post-Katrina, and discusses the battle between still and moving images in this day of multimedia journalism.
  5. John Moore (3:55) 3:55 FREE!
    Photojournalist John Moore makes an impromptu appearance at the panel to show his experimental multimedia work shot in Afghanistan while he was embedded with British troops.
  6. Santiago Lyon (6:56) 6:56 FREE!
    Associated Press director of photography Santiago Lyon discusses news photography, citizen journalism, and how advances in technology are creating a new generation of media consumer.
  7. Travis Fox (10:16) 10:16 FREE!
    Washington Post video producer Travis Fox discusses the burgeoning trend of photographers transitioning to video and he shows his multimedia project on Darfur that he created for
  8. Chip East (16:48) 16:48 FREE!
    Freelancer Chip East discusses the changes he's seen in photojournalism in past years and displays images from his project "The Suspension Convention," about the underground trend of suspending oneself by hooks through the flesh.
  9. Audience Questions, Part 1 (9:04) 9:04 FREE!
    Panelists discuss what will be inside "the camera bag of the future," what tech tools and skills photographers will be using, and if screen grabs will replace photos any time soon.
  10. Audience Questions, Part 2 (10:48) 10:48 FREE!
    Panelists discuss how news outlets and freelancers are dealing with citizen journalism and credibility and how multimedia web design comes together.

Video Details

As online slideshows and video draw increasing numbers of users to news sites, photojournalists have more opportunities to display their work and branch into multimedia formats. This panel addresses cutting-edge thinking on issues including high-definition video, online slideshows, and the pros and cons of citizen journalism. Find out what photographers need to know and how photo editors and designers can prepare for the future.

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1 hour, 15 minutes total running time

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