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The New Age of Advertising

Our expert panelists take on the big issues in online, mobile and interactive ads

1. Highlights (2:40)

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights (2:40) 2:40 FREE!
    Watch a free preview of The New Age of Advertising.
  2. Mobile and Measurement (13:18) 13:18 FREE!
    Noah gives the example of a project about GE, and how they communicate and create ads. The panel discusses case studies in mobile development. How do you prove success to the client?
  3. The Culture of Online (16:51) 16:51 FREE!
    John begins by telling a story about oddball ways to measure success-are we changing people's mindsets? Twitter and Amazon seem to only measure love and hate - where's the data in between, Noah asks. How is advertising appealing to cultural needs?
  4. Where is Advertising Going? (16:16) 16:16 FREE!
    Josh begins by explaining how the Rubicon Project works - they monetize the advertising that publishers can't sell. The panel takes on the question, "What is the new age of advertising?" It's about mobile, interaction design, entertainment, and transactions.
  5. Talking to the Audience (24:31) 24:31 FREE!
    What will be the next big thing in advertising? The panel talks about shifts in technology and mindset. How does the Agile approach make sense for ad firms? How will communication consolidate in the future? Brands are becoming more personal - what effect will that have on entertainment?

Video Details

As the impact of conventional advertising has declined, a new age of advertising has dawned. Consumers have become more engaged as ad placement has transitioned from print to online and to product placement and content-driven programming. Where is it all headed, and how can you make money at it?

Discussion topics include:

Does one-way advertising still work?

What is the best way to start a conversation with the customer?

How can a campaign result in effective word-of-mouth marketing? What multimedia tools can you employ to deliver a powerful, unique campaign?

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