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The New Fundamentals of Journalism with Katty Kay, author of Womenomics

Get the big picture on authorship and journalism from a leader in the profession.

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Video Details

What's it like to be a first-time author right now? Does the picture change when you're an established journalist? Our chat with Katty Kay gives a picture of the changes in journalism, and insight into the publishing process. Katty Kay is Washington Correspondent for BBC World News America and co-author of The New York Times bestseller, Womenomics: Write Your Own Rules to Success (2009). At the eBook Summit, Kay will share her persective on the changes in the publishing industry from her unique position as a journalist and author. Kay's career with the BBC began in Zimbabwe in 1990 where she filed radio reports for the Africa Service of BBC World Service radio. She went on to work as a BBC correspondent in London, and later Tokyo, reporting on stories including the Kobe earthquake, the gas attack on the Tokyo underground and the beginning of the Japanese economic recession. She settled in Washington in 1996 where she took some time out of broadcast journalism to join The Times Washington bureau before returning to the BBC as a freelance journalist in 2002. From Washington, Kay has covered sex scandals in the Clinton administration, two Presidential elections as well as wars in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq. She is a contributor on Meet the Press, Larry King Live, The Chris Matthews Show and a regular guest host for Diane Rehm on NPR.

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