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ThinkMobile Conference: Cross-Media Online to Mobile Advertising

Our panel discusses how major providers are embracing mobile advertising and exploring cross-media innovations.

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  2. How are the Big Guys Handling Mobile Ads? (20:12) 20:12 FREE!
    Greg polls the audience to find out who deals with content for mobile advertising. He then goes to the panel: Where does mobile fit within your organization? Panelists describe how their companies have evolved as mobile advertising has grown as a field. Greg then asks about the percentage of revenue and involvement that mobile ads represent for each company.
  3. How are Cross-Media Campaigns Working? (20:44) 20:44 FREE!
    Greg asks the panel for examples of how the panelists have leveraged cross-media. What is cross-media? Panelists define and provide cases of successful campaigns that include print, web, mobile and other platforms, including Audi, Get Smart, the movie, Ford and Virgin. Often the simplest are the most successful, they explain. How about marketing to the same consumers from different platforms? How do you get the budget for mobile from companies? Greg takes questions from the audience: What's ad communication really about on the mobile platform?

Video Details

Large global players like Nokia, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL have all entered the mobile advertising arena aggressively. Learn how they are embracing mobile advertising compared to online methods, and how they have differentiated themselves while carving out the approach to mobile. As many carriers today adopt solutions from these providers, what is next?

This panel, moderated by Greg Stuart, Former CEO of the IAB, features Tom Henriksson (Head of Nokia Interactive Advertising), Marc Henri Magdelenat (Director Mobile Ad Sales & Marketing, Microsoft Advertising), Phil Miano (National Director, Mobile Advertising Sales, Platform-A), Michael Bayle (Senior Director of Mobile Advertising, Yahoo!) and Robert Victor (Product Manager for Emerging Tech, DoubleClick).

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