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ThinkMobile Conference: Keynote: State of the Industry

Marco Argenti of Nokia shares his thoughts on innovations in the world of mobile apps and content

1. Highlights (1:17)

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights (1:17) 1:17 FREE!
  2. Global Mobile (13:37) 13:37 FREE!
    Marco begins by talking about global trends in mobile content, entertainment, and applications. Affordability is key. Where is the evolution of services going? Marco's "hit versus hug" analogy makes the appeal of mobile clear.
  3. Mobile Content: Make It Relevant (14:17) 14:17 FREE!
    What are the challenges and rewards of emerging markets for mobile? Marco gives an example of relevant content for farmers in China, and outlines some of Nokia's more successful applications and explains why they're popular.
  4. How Does Mobile Impact Your Life? (9:09) 9:09 FREE!
    Marco talks about the international opportunities that are available for mobile developers. How do you get your content in front of people who speak different languages? The conclusion: Mobile impacts lives. It's not just entertainment.

Video Details

MARCO ARGENTI Vice President, Media, Nokia

Marco joins us from the global innovator, Nokia, to share insights into their new media initiatives and current strides to transform into a multimedia company. He is a consumer technology industry veteran with over 20 years of experience and is globally responsible for Nokia's Media and Games Services. In this keynote address, he shares his visionary ideas and perspective on the state of the mobile industry around the world.

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