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ThinkMobile Conference: The News Goes Mobile

Our panel discusses the impact of mobile on how news is gathered, delivered and monetized.

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    Does news need to be “repurposed” to work for mobile? How does reporting change? How is Twitter suited to news distribution? What are the metaphors that help us grasp the mobile web? Just having a mobile phone makes you part of the news network. What are the challenges around that situation? Everyone’s investing, but the ROI isn’t there. Where are the solutions? News consumption is up—people want more information. How do we set business models against that?

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From blogging and citizen reporting to established editorial, media is now mashed up to form new information portals via RSS, content personalization, and intelligence feed readers. The glue between all of these segments is the new monetization models that enable them. How are established media companies and news organizations responding and how can marketers leverage this channel in a new unique way for mobile? Shocking events such as Hurricane Katrina, Oklahoma, and Mumbai were covered and viewed first via mobile. How has this new, unique time-based, perishable medium affected other areas of content publishing? This year, online news surpassed the traditional newspaper industry in reader volume. How has mobile impacted this market, and what does the future hold? This panel features various news industry experts providing perspective on how to best leverage this as part of your content strategy.

This panel, moderated by Jay Rosen (Professor, NYU) features Jeffrey Litvack (GM, Mobile & Emerging Products, The Associated Press) and Jason Fulmines (Mobile Product Manager, Gannett).


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