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Tweeting the Media: Leaders to Follow on Twitter

Keep up with trends on the newest micro-medium.

2. Highlights

Table of Contents

  1. Crib Sheet (PDF) PDF
    Download this outline and use it to take notes. Includes resources and other information.
  2. Highlights FREE!
  3. How to Figure Out Whom to Follow (12:56) 12:56 FREE!
    We'll show you where to start on Twitter with great search engines and tips. You'll learn about sites that track metrics and statistics, and how to identify the most followed tweeters in your areas of interest. Get engaged with the Twitter community by attending tweetups, using hashtags, joining a Twibe, and playing Twitter games. By the time you're through, you'll know how to research and locate specific tweeting topics with just a few clicks.
  4. Mediabistro's Top Folks to Follow (14:31) 14:31 FREE!
    In this segment, we'll introduce you to some of our favorite tweeters in the world of media. From our own bloggers to print, online, and broadcast journalists to new media experts, these are the people who are finding new ways to use Twitter to communicate with their audience and spread information. We'll also clue you in on some of our guilty pleasure tweeters: we think Twitter should be entertaining as well as informative.

Video Details

If you're in the media, or want to be, Twitter is a must. How do you sort out the top tweeters from the rest of the flock? And who is doing the best job of letting the medium deliver the 140-character message? We'll give you the answers.

You'll discover how to use Twitter search engines to narrow your queries and find out what's going on right now. We'll show you the coolest tools for stats and metrics, and how to get truly engaged in the ever-growing microblogging community.

We'll tell you all of our Twitter secrets about the folks we follow, and why. When you're done, you'll be ready to leave the nest and fly off into a bright blue new media sky. Or at least stop embarrassing yourself at meetings.

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27 minutes total running time

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