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Web 2.0 Terms Every Media Professional Should Know

Behind the latest buzzwords are business strategies you can use

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    1. Introduction: What is Web 2.0? Web 2.0 is not a new set of internet standards or protocols, and it is not based on any fresh developments in software or technology. Rather, Web 2.0 represents a change in the way people approach the Internet, and in the strategies and business models used by entrepreneurs to develop user-driven, profit-making online platforms. 2. Web as a Platform During the first phase of the Web, companies were simply taking information that existed outside the Internet and putting it onto their websites. Web 2.0 marks a move to the Web as a platform, with sites that you use and interact with. 3. Architecture of Participation Web 2.0 platforms are user-generated, which means the public contributes dynamic, vital, often uncensored content. 4. Online Community User generated websites where visitors browse and update information create outlets of collective intelligence. 5. Folksonomy A folksonomy is a searchable classification system created by users. 6. Mobility On powerful handheld devices, Web 2.0 travels easily to any location, at any time. 7. The Future of Web 2.0 Where is Web 2.0 headed? Details on how companies can use the unique attributes of Web 2.0 to best advantage.

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Columbia Dean Sree Sreenivasan takes you behind the buzzwords of Web 2.0 to reveal the strategies and business models that make sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Wikipedia tick. And if you don't know what Web 2.0 is, don't worry—that's lesson one.

Sreenivasan clearly defines and illustrates principles like the Web as a platform, the architecture of participation, online communities, folksonomy, and mobility. You'll understand how they work on successful sites, and how they can work for you.

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