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Writer, Agent, Publisher: New Roles for the eBook Era

Top agents discuss changes in the industry and predict the future in this eBook Summit panel discussion.

1. Highlights (1:49)

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights (1:49) 1:49 FREE!
  2. What's New for Agents in the Current Climate? (12:45) 12:45 FREE!
    Jason asks the panelists to introduce themselves and talk about how they work with authors and how their jobs have changed recently. Steve Wasserman explains that not much has changed in terms of his relationship with authors, but the marketplace and culture have changed. Brendan Cahill points out that this is not only a time of crisis in publishing, but also a time of great opportunity. Jason Allen Ashlock explains that the model of "the deal" as a singular event might no longer be adequate. The question of digital rights for backlist books is also discussed.
  3. Rights, Add-Ons, and Piracy (15:09) 15:09 FREE!
    The role of third-party groups, market share, and rights issues are discussed. The future of independent booksellers and storytelling is discussed, along with the implications from the advent of eReaders and interactive online add-ons. When is a book out of print? Will piracy increase as the eBook market grows?
  4. How Will Publishing Models Change? (14:35) 14:35 FREE!
    What about pricing issues for eBooks versus hardcovers? The panel discusses the past and future of "instant" publishing. Is the current business model flexible enough to handle the new digital marketplace? Do authors still need publishers? What does the future look like for authors, agents, and publishers?
  5. Questions and Answers (14:38) 14:38 FREE!
    The panel takes questions from the audience: To Jason Allen Ashlock: how does your agency's business model work for the author? Who pays for the publicity? Advances are lower now; how can authors create under those conditions? What about book tours and book signings? Why are eBooks $9.95?

Video Details

In this panel discussion at Mediabistro's eBook conference, Jason Boog leads a conversation about how the new landscape of publishing, digital content, and print on demand affect the fragile relationships in the publishing process. Moderated by Jason Boog, editor of Mediabistro's GalleyCat and featuring Jason Allen Ashlock, Principal, Movable Type Literary Group; Brendan Cahill, VP & Publisher, Open Road Integrated Media; and Steve Wasserman, Managing Director, Kneerim & Williams.

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