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Writing Cover Letters That Will Get You in the Door

A great cover letter is your ticket to an interview. We'll show you exactly how to make it happen.

1. Highlights (00:56)

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights (00:56) 00:56 FREE!
  2. Get Going on Your Cover Letter (7:29) 7:29 FREE!
    In Part 1, we'll take you inside the mind of the hiring manager who will be reading your letter. What are the words that will make him or her place your letter in the Yes pile? You'll learn a few dos and don'ts. Then you'll start your pre-writing and begin to sketch the perfect cover letter.
  3. Embrace the Ad (10:37) 10:37 FREE!
    In this section, you'll dissect a job ad line by line and learn how to make the ad work for you. Next, you'll practice an easy four-step process that will get you ready to write a customized letter for any position.
  4. Write it Up: Learn and Practice (14:49) 14:49 FREE!
    Here's a hint: the first two or three sentences of your letter will determine whether the manager will read the rest. In this section, you'll learn to write a first paragraph that will get you noticed. Finally, you'll practice building and customizing your letter, sentence by sentence.

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So you're looking for a job. We know it's tough. There's a ton of paperwork to plow through, and it's tempting to just copy-and-paste your generic letter, and blast it out into the job hunt universe. Don't. Instead, take the time and do it right, and it will pay off.

In this course, you'll get real-world advice from hiring managers and human resources directors about what they look for in a cover letter. You'll learn the one sentence that should be in your head as you write. You'll hone your "elevator pitch" - and turn it into a killer first paragraph. 

We'll give you tips on how cover letters for media jobs differ from the ones you write for other positions, why electronic applications make a difference, and how to make the job listing or ad work for you.

Try this comprehensive tutorial - about 30 minutes later, you'll be all set to write the letter that will open the door to your next job interview.

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33 minutes total running time

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