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Writing the Query Letter for Your Book Project

The query letter sells the book. Make yours polished, professional, and targeted.

1. Highlights (1:00)

Table of Contents

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  2. Part 1 (6:00) 6:00 FREE!
  3. Part 2 (7:00) 7:00 FREE!
  4. Sample Query File (PDF) PDF

Video Details

So you're ready to pitch your book idea or project to an agent or editor. The query letter is the appetizer that entices an agent or editor to move onto the main course: your book project. Your query has to be well-written, engaging, and satisfying. We'll show you how to make that happen.

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Felicia Pride
Felicia Pride is a consultant and writer of five books that have been published by both major presses and independent publishers including Simon & Schuster, Running Press, and Harlequin. As a consultant, she's worked with bestselling and award-winning authors, independent presses, and major publishers including HarperCollins, Agate, Harvard Health Publications, and South End Press. She is also a regular contributor to Publishers Weekly.


"I traveled to Washington, DC from New York. The class was excellent and I would travel the 200 miles each way again to work with Felicia. She was informative, clear and honest." -- Kimberly Suggs "Felicia does a great job giving an insider's view of the publishing process. This was a really informative, inspiring class! I left feeling like I had a good sense of what my next steps should be. -- Anne Carroll "The class is definitely worthwhile. It gives you a background into the basics of publishing and gets you started with a framework for next steps." -- Stephanie Robinson "This workshop helped prepare me for a writer's conference where I have the opportunity to pitch my book to two agents. Instead of guessing what they want to see, I now know for sure what to prepare and what they are looking for." -- Amy A. Welch "Felicia is a publishing insider who knows her stuff. If you are interested in getting published, mark your calendar and bring your notebook." -- Bruce Hutchison "Felicia was full of knowledge about publishing houses and agents and more than willing to share it. She was savvy and experienced in how to get to know people in the publishing business." -- Heidi Sohng "Felicia is an excellent instructor. She took the time to answer questions without hesitation. I definitely recommend this course and Felicia as the instructor!" -- Wyokemia Joyner "Felicia's perspective is perfect, as her background is in both publishing and writing. Her insider tips gave me concrete ways to get started, and I left feeling like I have a game plan." -- Kealan Casey "This class was amazing! Felicia is a wonderful resource She presented information with a real desire to educate and help others become successful." -- Taya Dunn-Johnson "Felicia gave us the scoop and helped us understand when and how to start marketing a manuscript." -- Kamala Lane