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1–7 out of 7 courses
Course Location Start Date Instructor
New York
1 day, $129
Learn how to shoot, edit, and encode online video
New York
1 session, $275
5/17/2014 Karen Nourse and Zachary Bennett
Collaborate with aspiring TV writers to produce a spec script
New York
2 sessions, $275
5/17/2014 Don DeMaio
Finish your screenplay in three months
12 sessions, $675
8/27/2014 Jonathan Kesselman
Write and tape two segments for a demo reel
New York
4 sessions, $485
9/8/2014 Stephanie Tsoflias
Develop and pitch a tv series that will wow producers
8 sessions, $550
9/9/2014 Suzanne Myers
Polish your on-camera video presence, prepare your message, and practice for your debut
On Demand
1–7 out of 7 courses