Digital Ad Sales

Create proposals, analyze campaigns, and make the move to digital advertising

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  • Discussions Tuesdays 9-10pm ET, 6 sessions full schedule

Are you struggling to make the transition from print to digital sales? With advertising budgets going increasingly online and mobile, this course will teach you the skills you need to stay ahead of the game. Learn the fundamentals of digital sales, including how ads are delivered and priced and how performance is tracked. You will develop a deeper understanding of industry terminology, standards, and trends. You'll be able to craft competitive digital proposals and successfully manage their delivery.

In this class, you will learn how to:

  • Create and sell competitive digital proposals
  • Understand industry terminology, standards, and trends
  • Analyze and measure the performance of ad campaigns
  • Understand the client POV to create effective proposals
  • Manage research and creative for digital ad campaigns

By the end of class, you will have:

A framework in place for selling digital ad campaigns.

Spyro Poulos works with AdData Express, training ad sales professionals (most of them digital) in how to use their services to create new sales opportunities. He has been in ad sales for the last 15 years, working for New Times Media (now Voice Media), Paper magazine, TOKION (a Japanese publisher), the Aperture Foundation, and Harris Media. He has sold every type of media imaginable (online, print, OOH, event) but at every property he worked with, he was responsible for creating and monetizing their web/digital properties and creating the advertising agency relationships each of them still rely on for their digital revenue.