Celeste Mitchell

Celeste Mitchell
Celeste Mitchell has been a women's magazine editor and writer for 15 years. A former deputy editor of Cosmopolitan and senior features editor at Family Circle, Celeste is currently a freelance writer in both New York and Los Angeles. Her work at Cosmopolitan involved crafting and editing articles on such subjects as trends, celebrities, style, decorating, dating, careers, and women's issues. While at Family Circle, she edited and wrote essays, human-interest features, profiles of inspirational women, and service articles on a broad range of topics including personal finance, relationships, education, travel, parenting, health, and fitness. Her work has been published in a variety of national magazines including Fitness, Shape, Woman's Day, Teen, and Walking, as well as in newspapers nationwide. She has been a guest speaker on journalism at New York University, The New School, and University of Oregon, as well as a panelist at American Society of Journalists and Authors conferences.

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Celeste is a gem, a writer's editor. She knows how to assemble the key ingredients that make a magazine story memorable and she does so in a way that keeps reporters and writers cheerfully plying their craft. -- Rob LaFranco, freelance writer and former editor, Forbes and West Coast bureau chief, Red Herring

"Celeste's seasoned expertise and thoughtful guidance gave me the confidence I needed to make my first pitch." -- Christine Rand, editor and magazine writer

"Celeste helped build my confidence and guided me toward writing new pieces that I may not have attempted on my own. She clearly loves helping students become stronger writers. She is positive, enthusiastic, pragmatic and of course, a keen editor." -- Laura Bond Williams

"Celeste is just about the best editor I have ever had. She is the reason I continued being a writer. She is kind, gentle, and remarkably astute with her remarks." -- Amanda Gardner

"Taking this class not only kept me focused on my ultimate goal, it also kept me hopeful. Within a couple of months, I landed a job at WWD editorial working as an associate beauty editor at Beauty Biz magazine." -- Bryn Kenny, associate beauty editor, Beauty Biz magazine, Woman's Wear Daily

"Celeste is incredibly savvy and able to communicate publication trends while at the same time being encouraging and receptive to new ideas and pitches. Her critiques are extremely helpful and on-target, and I appreciated the grace with which she conducted class and gave constructive criticism." -- Jessica Alpert

"Celeste had thoughtful, helpful answers to questions during the class and in course feedback from her perspective as a true editor." -- Erin Anadkat

"Celeste provides invaluable feedback on the structure, content and style of your writing -- something you can't get from any book." -- Laurie Stoneham

"Celeste's depth and experience lend true validity to opinions she often had to express to student questions." -- Weldon Riker