Don MacLeod

Don MacLeod
Don MacLeod is a law librarian and researches companies, individuals, legislation, and specific subjects for the major New York firms of Cravath, Swaine & Moore, Chadbourne & Parke, LLP and Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft. For five years, he developed intranets and taught web research as manager of web applications for Cravath and Chadbourne before returning to research work.

He is the author of two editions of the Internet Guide for the Legal Researcher and serves as editor-in-chief of Internet Law Researcher and Internet Connection. He is a regular contributor to The New York Press and has written for Database magazine and the New York Law Journal. He also speaks regularly at law seminars about the use of the Internet for legal and factual research.

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Don made the world of research understandable and accessible. He had so many useful tips. I came away with my brain buzzing, completely inspired. -- Maggie Dubris

"If you're curious, tenacious, and want to conduct web research like a detective, Don will show you how -- and your employer will think you're a genius!" -- Carmen Nash

"As I walked out of the class, I wanted to tell everyone I know -- magazine writers, book authors -- to take the class. But then I thought -- let them find out about it themselves!" -- Maria Ricapito

"I can't wait to put all this new information to good use! I would definitely recommend this seminar to everyone because it can be so useful in our everyday lives. Thanks for the knowledge." -- Helen Baldwin

"Don was fantastic! He was so well-informed, well-prepared, and generally personable that I'd go back for more. I give him an A++." -- Elizabeth Ungar

"Don's seminar was excellent. His enthusiasm for sleuthing is genuine and contagious! I definitely recommend the seminar." -- Linda Crowley

"Less than 10 minutes into the class, my mind was already blown. The skills I learned will save me considerable leg work in the future and give me a significant edge." -- Daniel Schulman

"I'm always skeptical when reading glowing tributes on someone's seminars. There was no exaggeration in these reviews. I'd recommend his seminar without any reservations." -- Susan Stauber

"Don presented an in-depth study on finding practically any fact-based information through the Internet and beyond. I would attend any class with which he was affiliated." -- Thomas Mortimer

"Don is an engaging, informative teacher with much to share. I highly recommend this course. As an archival researcher, I gained much from attending." -- Rosemary Rotondi