Steven Scott

Steven Scott
Steven Scott is a self-taught web and graphic designer, who had a 'blog' before they were called 'blogs.' In addition to freelance graphic design work, Steven has created websites for clients like Tom Brophy and A.T. Tramp Salon. He is proficient in Dreamweaver, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Flash, among many other programs.

Steven lives in Los Angeles. And he talks to his plants.

Steven Scott's Courses
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Steven Scott is a low-key, patient instructor in his web design class. This class helped me, previously illiterate in computers, to create my own professional website, a very exciting moment for me! His patience is enormous: the students' initial computer skills varied a lot, and Steven always helped each individual with just what that student needed. He helps students through free email consulting; and comes in and stays after class to give extra help to his students. Steven even helps you find a domain and a webhost. I highly recommend this exciting and stimulating class. -- Py Kim Conant, author of American Geisha: Asian Sex Secrets (Fall 2006), and creator of

"I have to say I'm thrilled -- I've been talking about doing a website for at least three years, so even though I fought it every step of the way, I'm really glad I took the course. Thanks for your help and your great patience (you are very, very patient -- if the teaching thing doesn't work out, you can always train ferrets or rabid grizzly bears or other unruly animals -- it would surely be easier than a bunch of writers)." -- Liane Bonin, young adult novelist, journalist, and creator of