Carl Hoffman

Carl Hoffman
Carl Hoffman is the author of The Lunatic Express: Discovering the World Via Its Most Dangerous Buses, Boats, Trains and Planes. He is a contributing editor at Wired, National Geographic Traveler, and Popular Mechanics and his features have appeared in Outside, Men's Journal, National Geographic Adventure, Smithsonian and Popular Science. More than two decades of pitching have taken him to 65 countries, and he has won four Lowell Thomas Awards from the Society of American Travel Writers. He is also the author of Hunting Warbirds.

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Carl is an engaging and highly effective teacher. He makes writing strong pitches systematic and manageable. -- Michael Damiano

"Carl was incredibly knowledgeable, well-prepared, and gracious. I enthusiasticaly recommend this class to anyone wanting to learn more about how to get into magazines." -- Kevin Lee

"Carl provides sensible, encouraging, and good humored advice. He walks you through pitching and following up and offers real examples of winning and losing pitches." -- Allison Yeargin, National Education Association information specialist

"Carl was excellent. He was friendly, approachable, knowledgeable, honest, and encouraging. I definitely recommend this course." -- Navreet Kallar

"Carl gave me great new tips for writing pitches and getting stories published. I recommend this class to anyone who wants the inside scoop on writing amazing pitches from a pro." -- Zoe Saint-Paul

"Carl was incredibly thorough and insightful. Every minute of the class was loaded with great advice and wisdom. I walked out feeling equipped to start making something happen." -- Alex Woodhouse

"Carl was a terrific instructor. He had a wealth of information based on years of personal experience." -- Leslie Boissiere

"Carl opened my eyes to the perspectives and daily challenges of magazine editors. I had many "ah-ha" moments, and now have the blueprint for writing professional pitches." -- David Lee