Molly Watson

Molly Watson
Molly Watson is a former food writer at Sunset magazine, where she wrote hundreds of recipes, chef profiles, food-focused travel pieces, and restaurant coverage. As a freelancer, she has written for The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and numerous websites. In her previous career as a teacher, she taught writing at Stanford University.

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Molly's class was fabulous. She was professional, clearly knew her stuff, and encouraged students in a way that was direct, honest, personal, and very helpful. Everything was designed to make learning enjoyable. -- Allison Parker

"The class was worth every penny! Molly was a superb instructor. She definitely went above and beyond." -- Kimberlee Honjo

"Molly was a terrific teacher with a great sense of humor. She really knows food writing and the market for it." -- Sarah Lefton

"Molly is outstanding. She tailors the class to match the needs of students and shares information with a genuine interest in helping you grow as a writer." -- Alyssa Lulie

"Molly is a great teacher. She addressed questions about the writing as well as the business end. I definitely got more than I'd hoped out of the class." -- Giovanna Zivny

"Molly is an excellent teacher. She is thoughtful and her comments are right on. I learned so much, not just about recipe writing, but writing in general. This was a great experience." -- Lori Jablons

"Molly is an insider. I finished the class knowing that I can absolutely sell food writing thanks to her." -- Helen Mitternight

"Molly was helpful and professional. I gained more practical knowledge in just eight weeks than I thought was possible -- and I honestly consider myself to be a more solid, seasoned writer because of Molly." -- Sylvia Grove