Wendy Gillette

Wendy Gillette
Wendy Gillette is a reporter, anchor and producer in New York City. She is a freelance correspondent for NBC News, reporting for all the NBC stations in the country. She also serves as the weekend anchor for Fios1 News, Verizon's hyperlocal news network for Long Island and New Jersey, and works as a freelance producer, writer, editor and correspondent for CBS Newspath. She previously worked as a reporter at WCBS and as a reporter and anchor in four local markets. Wendy received her bachelor's degree from Rutgers College and her master's degree from Boston University.

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"I loved Wendy. She was incredibly professional, knowledgeable, hands-on, and up-to-date on the business." -- Barbara Doran

"Wendy is fun, down-to-earth, and understands how to relate to us in a serious yet accessible way. She has a good eye for improvement and offers beneficial constructive criticism." -- Samaia Hernandez

"This class is a must for anyone with an interest in appearing before a camera, whether for an interview, XYZ-TV, or YouTube. Wendy was down to earth, engaging, and provided valuable feedback." -- Lois Weiss

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"This class is perfect if you've been considering a career as a reporter but are not sure where to begin. I definitely recommend this class." -- Christina Marrazza

"Wendy is generous with her time and her advice, offering valuable insight into the world of TV news." -- Eloise Parker

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