Debra Alfarone

Debra Alfarone
Debra Alfarone is an Emmy-nominated reporter for PIX 11 News in New York, where she covers breaking news, crime, and human interest stories. Prior to this, Debra reported for NBC Connecticut, where she covered the Wesleyan University student shooting, Middletown power plant explosion, and the murder of Yale grad student Annie Le. She was also a general assignment reporter with News 12 Connecticut, where she won awards from the AP and Connecticut Press Club. She started as a reporter for SI76, a Time Warner Cable affiliate in New York City.

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Debra shows the realities, trials, tests, and rewards of working as a field reporter for TV news. She is bright, well-spoken, animated, and kept the energy going. -- Jenna Duncan

"Debra has given me the priceless insight into this industry that I could not get in a typical J-school course." -- Kondomar Herrera

"Debra was amazing. She was very positive, honest, open, and aware. She knows the industry and gave very seasoned advice, always employing positive reinforcement." -- Tamara Gitt

"Debra is a fantastic teacher and person. In a short time I learned a great deal from her. This course was well worth the money!" -- Nicole Mendelsohn

"Debra will inspire anyone wanting to get in this business. She has a wonderful energy and sense of humor that keeps you engaged." -- Erica Castaneda

"I would enroll in ANY course that Debra teaches! I love her energy!" -- Fran Trelease

"Debra was awesome! She was honest about the business and very helpful. She really gives you the facts!" -- Toccara Labady

"For anyone interested in TV news, this class is for you. If you are lucky enough to have Debra as an instructor, you are guaranteed to have an enjoyable and informative experience." -- Drue Hontz

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