Suzanne McGee

Suzanne McGee
Suzanne McGee spent more than 13 years as a staff reporter for The Wall Street Journal in Toronto, New York, and London. After leaving the Journal in 2002, she became a freelance contributor to more than a dozen business publications, including Barron's, The Financial Times, Institutional Investor, and INC. She is the New York Post's markets correspondent. When she needs a change of pace, Suzanne writes about the art world and philanthropy.

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Suzanne's class singlehandedly cleared up some of the things that have taken me weeks to understand. I would highly recommend this class to anyone in any field who would like to learn how capital markets work. Suzanne used anecdotes and easy to understand analogies to make out concepts and practices. I intend to take another class, especially Suzanne's. -- Matt Kapitanyan, Jr. Associate at a business communications firm

"Suzanne's seminar was just the introduction I hoped for. Suzanne's class covered key players on the buy and sell sides, stock exchanges, and government regulatory agencies. She discussed leading issues, definitions of terms, and shared anecdotes drawn from her 13+ years as a business journalist. Great class." -- Patricia Sterling, business development manager, JAMS The Resolution Experts