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Frequently Asked Questions

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We hope you're enjoying your subscription to Mediabistro's On Demand video library. We'd love to hear any feedback you have. If you run into any problems, please consult the questions below, and feel free to contact us if this FAQ doesn't answer your question.

Technical Issues

I'm having trouble logging in.
Please make sure you are logged in to using the email address you used when purchasing your subscription. You can log in at the top of the page on to the right of the spinning mediabistro logo.

The video skips.
Try pausing the video so that it loads completely before playing it.

Only the first section of the video plays, and then it stops.
You may not be logged in, or you may not be a subscriber. If you're not logged in as a subscriber, you'll only be able to see the free Highlights for each video.


How do I subscribe?
Click here to subscribe to Mediabistro On Demand.

How much does the subscription cost?
It's $19 ($15 for AvantGuild members) for a 1-month subscription or $180 ($160 for AvantGuild members) for a 1-year subscription. A 1-month subscription is active for 30 days from date of purchase.

How do I cancel my auto-renew?
Click here to cancel at any time.

How many times can I watch a video?
You can watch every video as many times as you like, as long as your subscription is active.

What happened to
The entire archive of videos for design-minded people is now included in Mediabistro On Demand. You can find them all in the Design & Photo Category. Our goal was to give our subscribers the best possible value by merging the two libraries. Now you can get access to hundreds of hours of content on design, photography, and all aspects of media for the same subscription price!

Will my subscription be the same?
Yes. Your subscription will be the same as always, but you'll have the ability to watch lots more great videos on topics related to careers in media!

Content and Navigation

How can I find the topic I'm looking for?
There are several ways to navigate:

When do new videos get added to the library?
Several new videos are added to the Mediabistro On Demand library every week.


Who do I contact if I'd like to see a video on a certain topic?
If there's a topic that you think should be addressed in our library, we want to hear from you. Send an email to

If I have a question for an instructor, what should I do?
Our instructors are generally responsive to queries from subscribers that are relevant to the instructor's area of expertise. You can send questions to Make sure you specify the instructor to whom the question is addressed. We'll do our best to get your question answered.