Short-Form Copywriting

Fit sizzling copy to small spaces

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  • Discussions Mondays 8-9pm ET, 2 sessions full schedule

Learn how to fit artful, concise copy to small spaces and render it effective in banner ads, on hang tags, packaging, promotional items, mobile, apps, catalog description and more in this short-form copy class. Try your hand at product naming and tagline generation too. You'll gather portfolio pieces as you work in agency groups and on your own to cut copy down to size. 


In this class, you will learn how to:

  • Pare back your writing to the concise messaging needed for advertising copywriting
  • Tailor your writing, whether you have room for only two words or three sentences.
  • Infuse your copy with the unique attitude for branding a product or service

By the end of class, you will have:

Portfolio-worthy copy samples for short-form platforms such as banner ads, mobile, packaging, hang tags and more. 

Kim Tayloris a freelance copywriter for a variety of agencies and brands including Alternatives Design, Meyer Associates NY, David Levy, Brand Jam, and American Express Platinum Travel. Prior to this, she was a product namer and copywriter for Landor/Young and Rubicam for more than a decade and worked in Time Inc.'s Strategic Communications division. She has an M.A. in media studies from the New School and writes for a variety of websites and periodicals.

  • "Kim is a great instructor and short form copywriting is a perfect class for anyone looking to tighten up their copy. I highly recommend both the class and the instructor."

    Stefanie McLeod

  • "Copywriting: Creative Ad Writing is a great place to create a portfolio, learn about the ad writing and creation business and get feedback on your portfolio. I loved that by the end of class, we were all a team, helping one another out and sharing job tips and interview strategies."

    Candace Nelson

  • "Taking Kim Taylor's Creative Ad Writing course was the best educational decision I made since graduating from college. I took the class to lay the foundation for an advertising portfolio and Kim was able to help me get that together in just two months when SVA said it would take two years. Kim is extremely knowledgeable about advertising copywriting, the industry in general and how to land a job. Her course truly prepared me to start a career as a copywriter."

    Adam Welikson

  • "Kim is an invaluable instructor. She has built a course with structure and milestones that lead students to graduate with a portfolio of work. She leads the class so everyone will produce work they are proud of. I highly recommend Kim to anyone even remotely interested in advertising."

    Catherine Katsafouros

  • "Kim is very enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and extremely supportive. I gained exposure to many different types of copywriting and walked away with great samples for my portfolio."

    Liz Levy

  • "Kim was well-versed in copywriting and she chose great exercises for us to work on. Her critiques were very helpful and she made the class challenging and enjoyable."

    Eileen Mullarkey

  • "The class exceeded my expectations and has made me confident and enthusiastic going forward in a career in copywriting."

    Jaime Fernandez

  • "The class was intensive, but Kim made it fun. We all ended up with portfolios we could be proud of. I now have a solid grasp of a wide array of copywriting styles."

    Caroline Cooney

  • "Kim is an out of the box instructor who goes above and beyond. She really opened up my creative pores in a way I never thought possible."

    Bill Livingston

  • "Kim was a tremendous resource. I gained confidence and now have a working portfolio to exhibit."

    Daniel Lanzilli

  • "I came out of class feeling so much more confident in my writing abilities. I now have a portfolio that I'm proud of and look forward to adding to. Thanks Kim!"

    Meredith Bell

  • "Thanks to Kim, I felt confident moving from journalism to advertising and left class with a solid portfolio to show employers. I put her advice into action and a few months later, I was offered a job as a copywriter. Thanks Kim!"

    Emily White