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How Online Video Is Changing the Internet, Part 2: Making Your Mark-and a Healthy Profit

How amateurs, corporations, and mainstream media are making money with online video, plus tips for creating compelling content

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  3. How Online Video Is Changing the Internet, Part 2: Making Your Mark -- and a Healthy Profit (20:51) 20:51 FREE!
    1. Introduction * Who's Watching? * The Technology Broadband, video compression, uploading. * Who and Where? Beyond YouTube: vlogs, citizen journalism, niche sites. Beyond amateurs: marketing and PR for larger corporations and public institutions. 2. Mainstream Media * Convergence of Internet, Print, and Video How networks and publications are adapting to changing consumer demands for entertainment and news online. * The End of Appointment Viewing Web downloading of TV and movies still has some kinks. * Internet Protocol Television Digital TV via broadband means more choice. * Mobile Devices Content is being created specifically for multimedia phones. 3. The Future of Online Video * Video Tagging Snippets of video will be much more searchable. * Problems on the Horizon Bandwidth dilemmas, liability, and copyright issues. * Revenue & Monetization Are users so accustomed to free content that they won't pay?

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Is it possible to make money with online video? Well, some people are doing it. In this Crash Course, you'll learn about the business models that successful amateurs, corporations, and mainstream media use and find out how you can apply them to your site. You'll also discover the six basic rules for creating online videos that work.

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