Travel Writing

Turn your travel stories into published essays and articles

Level: Intermediate
Instructor: Davina Baum

Travel Writing

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Skills You Will Learn

Different styles of travel writing—narrative, experiential, etc.—so you can identify your niche and area of expertise

Smart pre-travel prep: set up connections, scheduling and leaving room for serendipity

Find an angle and turn one trip into multiple articles or features

Behind the scenes of the magazine process to time your pitches and stay relevant

Develop a presence on social media as a travel writing expert

Identify travel story ideas and pitch them successfully

Think like an editor to know what they look for

Understand the ethical issues of travel writing like press trips, expenses and comps

Assess where to pitch outside of travel publications

Craft the pitch and the follow up the right way, and the nuances between print and digital pitches

Why Take This Course

Are you travel obsessed? Do you also love writing? This course will give you the nuts and bolts of good travel stories plus guidance from a pro on how and where to pitch your stories to get published.

Learn how to research, report, and write long-form narrative stories, then pitch them effectively to a variety of travel publications. This course outlines the fundamentals of exceptional travel writing and will guide you to craft and pitch successful stories.

Session 1

What is Travel Writing?

  • Lesson 1: What is Travel Writing?
  • Lesson 2: Types of Travel Writing
  • Lesson 3: Avoiding the Objectification Trap
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Session 2

Session 2: Before You Travel & While You’re Traveling

  • Lesson 1: Travel and Story Prep
  • Lesson 2: Find a Unique Angle
  • Lesson 3: Write a Narrative Feature
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Session 3

The Process of the Pitch

  • Lesson 1: Pitching Your Stories
  • Lesson 2: Editing and Revision
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Session 4

The Admin Side of Writing

  • Lesson 1: Travel Writing Ethics: Press Trips, Expenses and Comps
  • Lesson 2: Nitty Gritty Process
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Session 5

From the Heart

  • Lesson 1: The Personal Essay
  • Lesson 2: Character Development
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Session 6

Establish Yourself as a Brand

  • Lesson 1: Develop an Online Presence
  • Lesson 2: What’s Your Niche?
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About the Instructor

Davina Baum

Davina Baum has 17 years of experience in journalism, covering travel, food, and the arts. During her tenure as managing editor at, the site won a James Beard Award for Best Food Website and was twice nominated for National Magazine Awards. At AFAR, which was a finalist for a National Magazine Award in 2012 for Best Website, she manages the digital content strategy, including assigning and editing stories and destination guides from local experts all over the world. She lives in San Francisco.