Web Analytics

Build your web audience with data

Level: Beginner
Instructor: Christopher White

Web Analytics

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Who Should Take This Course

Marketers, Campaign Managers, Ad Sales Managers/Execs, Product Managers, Content Specialists

Skills You Will Learn

Set up an analytics tool—benchmarks, dashboards, standard and special reports

Differentiate between analytics and metrics and learn when and how to use each

Debunk common website assumptions so you can accurately generate performance goals

Establish KPIs and ideal-scenario metrics and map them to your brand’s goals

Translate campaign results for your organization

Improve web performance through testing and the importance of statistical significance

Use industry-standard web optimization strategies to make data-driven decisions

Why Take This Course

Just having a website isn’t enough—you need to monitor performance and engagement to stay relevant. This course breaks down data and shows you how to set up, interpret, optimize and predict your website’s traffic and performance with ease.

With Google Analytics as a primary tool, learn to navigate the world of goal setting, KPIs and analytics reports to make decisions and course correct when something doesn’t go as planned. The lessons will stack building blocks of data interpretation and enable you to be agile and confident with the backend of your website, so you can collaboration with marketers and content creators to ensure your brand acquires and maintains quality traffic.

Session 1

Analytics v. Metrics

  • Lesson 1: Pre-Analytics
  • Lesson 2: Differences Between Analytics and Reporting
  • Lesson 3: Debunk Common Website Assumptions
  • Lesson 4: Intro to Web Metrics
  • Lesson 5: Define Goals
  • Lesson 6: Funnel Mapping
  • Lesson 7: Obtain a Tracking Code and Install GA
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Session 2


  • Lesson 1: Identifying Your Leading KPI
  • Lesson 2: Mapping Metrics to Goals
  • Lesson 3: Using Segments & Google Goals
  • Lesson 4: Setting Benchmarks
  • Lesson 5: Setting Up Dashboards and Reports
  • Lesson 6: Cutting Through the Clutter to Identify Supporting KPIs
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Session 3

Improve Through Test & Learn

  • Lesson 1: What is a Test and Learn Plan?
  • Lesson 2: Statistical Significance
  • Lesson 3: Isolate Metrics for Optimization
  • Lesson 4: Testing Types
  • Lesson 5: Set Up an Optimization Test in Google Analytics
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Session 4

Website Optimization Strategies

  • Lesson 1: Translate Results From an Optimization Test
  • Lesson 2: Making Data-Driven Decisions
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About the Instructor

Christopher White

3 Courses

Christopher White is the founder of SpeakSoftlyMarketing.com, a digital marketing firm. He has built and managed marketing programs for non-profits, startups and large enterprises leveraging his expertise in social media marketing, lead generation and Ecommerce.